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Max Liebermann Route - Noordwijk zh

Max Liebermann Route

Max Liebermann is regarded as the greatest German impressionist painter. The Netherlands was Max Liebermann’s second home. Noordwijk (Huis ter Duin complex) was his Dutch headquarter from 1905 to 1913. A total of over 127 oil paintings can be traced back to a Noordwijk location or area.

Max Liebermann can be regarded as the painter par excellence who portrayed Noordwijk Seaside Resort in the early years. A hiking/biking trail with 24 reproduction panels of Liebermann’s paintings are to be exhibited, exactly on the spot where Liebermann painted them. This very special trail will be opened on the 1st of June 2018.

The Hiking Trail is 11.5 km long and takes approximately 4 hours.

This walk is an initiative of the ‘Max Liebermann Noordwijk Foundation’. Design and construction by CGID Noordwijk zh.

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Index + Map

1. Village Street in Noordwijk (1905)
2. Village Suqare with Playing Children (1905)
3. Vegetable Cart – Dog Cart (1906)
4. Dune Promenade (1908)
5. Dune and Sea (1909)
6. Landscape at Noordwijk (1906)
7. Cabbage Field in Noordwijk (1912)
8. Man in Vegetable Field (1912)
8a. (24) Dune Landscape (1912)
9. Garden in Inner Noordwijk (1909)
10. House in Inner Noordwijk (1906)
11. Fair in Noordwijk (1912)
12. Dunes at Noordwijk (1908)
13. Landscape at Inner Noordwijk (1907)
14. Hunter in the Dunes (1913)
15. Rider on the Beach Facing Left (1911)
16. The Bathers’Guard in his Car (1908)
17. On the Beach of Noordwijk (1908)
18. Beachscene at Noordwijk (1911)
19. Huis ter Duin Noordwijk (1913)
20. Tennis Courts in Noordwijk (1913)
21. Tennis Courts in Noordwijk (1911)
22. Dune at Noordwijk with Child (1916)
23. Rider on the Beach (1908)
24. Dune Landscape (1912) – see 8a

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This walk is an initiative of the Max Liebermann Route Noordwijk. Design and construction by RouteDesigner.

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Cees Geuze Information Design - Noordwijk zh

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Organisations, companies and individuals who have made the Max Liebermann Route possible:

Nr. Adoptant
1. Anonieme schenker, Noordwijkse Ondernemersvereniging
2. Ondernemersfonds Noordwijk, Vereniging Non Profit
3. Noordwijkse Ondernemers vereniging (NOV)
4. Ondernemersfonds Noordwijk, Vereniging Non Profit
5. Mobo Foundation (Hotels van Oranje)
6. Vereniging Recreatie Ondernemers Noordwijk (VRON)
7. Rabobank Bollenstreek
8. Buro Kloeg
9. Bouwbedrijf van der Wiel
10. Vereniging De Oude Dorpskern
11. P & C le Clercq
12. Ondernemersfonds sectie Horeca en Toerisme
13. Radisson Blu Palace Hotel
14. Rotaryclub Noordwijk en Omstreken
15. Peter Jan en Heleen Rubingh
16. De Raad Makelaars
17. Toeristisch Ontwikkelingsfonds Noordwijk (T.O.N.)
18. Ondernemersfonds sectie Horeca en Toerisme
19. Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin
20. Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin
21. Azzurro
22. Aranka R. Leschot, Adriaan Timmers, Harry H.M. Groen
23. Blu Beach
24. Sarah en Simon le Clercq & Jaco en Esther Vink

The Max Liebermann Noordwijk Foundation provides for the maintenance of the route by recruiting sponsors and donors as well as obtaining subsidies and contributions from funds.

Stichting Max Liebermann Noordwijk
IBAN: NL26RABO0314822496

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