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Noordwijk Biënnale 2023

Noordwijk: Biennale 2023 - 21 March to 21 August 2023

Noordwijk: Alternative Biënnale Route 2023

The first edition of Biennale Noordwijk will start on March 21, 2023, at the same time as spring. This art manifestation in public space takes place in the four village centers of Noordwijk and features ten art installations on the theme of ‘Transitions.’

The theme of the first Biennale Noordwijk deals with the relationship between man and nature and our capacity to adapt. The artists create new vistas along the route, offer new possibilities and perspectives and a moment of reflection for a future in transition.

Read more about this on the web site Biënnale Noordwijk.

For a complete overview of Art in Public Space, see BKOR Noordwijk.

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Index Noordwijk: Biënnale 2023
1. Embedded
• Gerard ten Broek
2. De Bron
• Delphine Courtillot
3. On the Wall / In the Tree
• Maen Florin
4. Verschuiving / Displacement
• Paul Vendel en Sandra de Wolf
5. Anti-Oorlogsmonument
• Henk Visch
6. Disclaimer*
• Koosje Schmeddes en Dirk Schellekens
7. When the Flood Comes
• Margriet van Breevoort
8. Hinterwälder
• Jens Pfeifer
9. Varencirkel
• Josua Wechsler
10. Ensemble
• Gerard ten Broek
11. Mo Cuishle
• Will Beckers
12. Welkom in het Post-Antropoceen
• Merijn Bolink
13. Reflections
• Lynne Leegte

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Noordwijk: Biënnale 2023


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Noordwijk: Biënnale 2023

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